Speedy´s Astra GSi 16V Turbo
Stabilisation-bar (upper + lower)
Motor replaced by 2.0i 16V Turbo (CE20LET)
(4 cylinder, 4 valves per cyl, 280 Nm, standard 2O4 Pk, 5 gear)
Ports in+out polished + widened
Bigger valves
Special pistons
Turbo-pressure 1.2 bar 
chip updated by OPTIMEX (+/- 286 Hp, 380 Nm)

Own design grille + Bumper + DTM-cupspoiler (origin. Rieger, Customized), One-arm window-wiper (Self-made)

Race-model Tank-(euhm...where you put fuel in...), All locks + handles of boot removed, Doorsteps of Opel Calibra (Customized), Customized airintake(outlet) in front flank, Tinted windows (30%). TMX3M-logo (read: team extreme-logo)

"Roof-wing" of Opel Vectra, Tinted window (70%), OPEL-emblem removed, Window-wiper removed
TMX3M-logo (Customized), Licenseplate lowered

upperhalf: original, middel: Opel astra TDS, lower half: renault-laguna-diffuser

Exhaust: REMUS

Antenna: shortened

Wheels: Borbet "T" 8,5"x17"

Tyres: Yokohama A520 205/40/17

Suspension : KW-fahrwerk (hight + softness adjustable)

Brakes : rear ; standard , front ; BMW M3 discs + saddlesInteriour: NONE! All removed, all in color of car, 2 blue Racing-seats (cobra with Recaro-sub), Floormats in Alu plate, Dashboard = Digital (from Opel Kadett E), ALL lighting IN car is Red, Alu shiftstick + Pedals, Sunroof electric (self-made), Stabilisation-bar between rear suspension

Sony XR-C700
Monitor kableing
All other stuf is from BEYMA
Front + arear composet + Amp + 2 12" woofers